Our favorite of the day: “Change Selection”, by Pablo Asturizaga

Saturday Morning, our mission was to discover the best track to start the day on the right foot. With “Change Selection”, by Pablo Asturizaga’s and he is a talented artist, we have exactly what we need. A pleasant moment, a good dose of pure music.

He is a Fresh producer but a known friend/participant in the local Bolivian scene electronic scene for quite a bit, Pablo Asturizaga is the owner of Cuates & Techno, he made show with Matias Aguayo, Juan Hansen, Darin Epsilon among others.

"Change Selection" a blissful journey of some deep-organic-techy electronic escapades each with their own character. Fully emotional, the song was mostly made by stretching loops from an audio of two girls singing, Sabrina and Estela.

We had this moment thanks to Pablo Asturizaga and his latest offering: “Change Selection”