Discover a new track entitled "Jelly" By JLC

For over 20 years JLC has placed himself in strategic situations intentionally and unintentionally to understand the business of music he wanted to be a part of. At a young age JLC would hang around veterans in the music business which allowed him to soak in a lot of game about the music world. You would think that being young, the only thing to really care about is how many times he could go to the park or play video games with your friends. JLC had a different mindset because he continued with his pattern of gaining industry knowledge which led him to getting real information from DJ's about how to release music, when to release music and anything else he can soak up to keep him ahead of the game.

To add on to his acquired knowledge from experienced OG's of the game, JLC also got his Diploma in Business & Entrepreneurship which further proves that if you are going to be in this music you must get all the way in it. Having this on his belt gave him a sense of direction on how to operate in an industry where its mostly 10% talent and 90% business. This alone separates new artists and unexperienced labels for making uncalculated moves without the proper planning and marketing.

JLC is not only a businessman but an artist who recently released a record titled "Jelly" which is an incredible record that can be heard in multiple markets and venues. As an artist JLC is dedicated to show the world he can do the work required to achieve success while proving he has the mogul mentality to manage a business effectively. "Jelly" is officially available on all digital platforms. 

If anything is important to an artist beside how great their music sounds, it is their collaboration, management & networking ability. JLC also has this concept down to a science by working with and managing up and coming artist JayBang The Great under the A.A.G Management Brand. 

This leads us to one of the biggest moves JLC is recently involved in. As the CEO of his own label A.A.G Records, JLC Secures major distribution with Empire through G.T Digital. This move now gives A.A.G the ability to release music under their own brand and keep the focus on all their strategic initiatives. JLC constantly thinks of new ideas to take his brand and team to the next level and this move does just that. 

Talking to JLC exclusively he mentioned "since I started this label so many other labels has surfaced with similar names as well as a lot of JLC’s that are coming out the woodworks trying to overshadow and capitalize off the buzz I have at the moment. So, you have to be strategic and learn different avenues to get your music out, build relationships as well as having to develop marketing tactics to keep your business above waters.” 

With that said make sure you stream "Jelly" on all digital platforms and get familiar with A.A.G Records and the artists soon to be hitting the charts.

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