“The Things I Never Said” Poems & It’s Romance by Channel Leyba

Channel Leyba. This Dominican-born—NYC girl. Raised in The Bronx borough of New York— is taking art to a whole new spectrum; having spent most of her life living in the vibrant NYC. A place known as the “Big Apple” where art meets diversity, there’s no surprise she’s causing a shift in poetry as we know it. Her devotion to her craft goes hand in hand with her city upbringing. As she would quote “It’s all in inclusive. There’s no place like New York. There’s no place like home... Between the flashy Broadway performances, high-flying business tycoons, and its well-known fashion statements... We have it all!” Her goal, howe- ver, is to bring the side that not many know. With a focus on literary work. Her writing takes you from a Shakespeare era to a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr speech. Her fervent desire to be a voice to an unheard heart, an unheard generation, goes far beyond the surface.

A hopeless romantic and an activist all at the same time. Letting her work speak. She wants to bring people together and let it be known that being HUMAN and loving one another is the end goal. Unapologe- tic about her Faith: through her business “Ru’ahh” a Hebrew word that means “Breath of God” she is determined to build bridges for people, tackle topics that are frowned upon and make it known that we are all SEEN.

    “If people can relate, then they will connect. I want people to know that they matter. I want them to feel seen. I want to break through the invisible barriers and be the megaphone to my generation.”

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