Ekou Sanchez - Meet The Newest Hip-Hop Sensation

Have you heard about the newest teen hit within the hiphop scene? If your still scratching your head, his name is Ekou Sanchez. Ekou is a 17 year old from Chicago Illinois boasting a natural musical talent which continues to rack up listeners just days after his first songs debut. Sanchez hoists a jaw dropping total of over 150,000 followers throughout his social media platforms. If you're still wondering what makes Ekou any different from the countless other artists in the music industry, it’s about time you realize what you have been missing out on. Ekou Sanchez is a well-reputed and highly talented artist that has quickly risen to fame within the music industry. Ekou is swiftly gaining notoriety within the hip-hop scene. He’s most definitely a name worth knowing on behalf of his unique musical style put together with his constantly growing social media presence. Ekou has amassed thousands of monthly listeners on the music platform Spotify for his elegantly melodic sound and catchy beats. His newest single “Fake Love” has just been released on all platforms. The single, although it’s extremely recent release date, has racked up play after play by his fans. The artist’s deep passion for perfection in his songs ensures that every beat is crisp and that each melody will tug at your emotions. He emphasizes that he wants his music to inspire teens to follow their passion and for each song to evoke certain sensations out of his listeners.

Stream “Fake Love” Now - https://open.spotify.com/album/0ejFDs71wfKZJ7XcutnsgQ 

Keep up to date with Ekou Sanchez - https://instagram.com/ekou