Cardea, born in Los Angeles, California, a rapper, grew up between South Central LA and the West Covina area. Cardea discovered his love for music by listening to artists like 2 Pac, Jay-Z, Nas, etc., and was inspired to be an entertainer at a young age. Cardea recorded his first freestyle in the fifth grade which got in trouble for rapping about his teacher.

At the age of 15, he was battling rappers in the neighborhood, gaining his name. By 16 years old, Cardea began to pursue a career in acting, with his first television appearance being a sketch comedy show for MTV called "Burn."

Meeting Jay-Z backstage at a concert gave him even more ambition to make music. Cardea free-styled for Jay-Z, who told him, "You have a nice flow, keep going" that's when he started putting more focus on his entertainment career.

Unfortunately, Cardea was shot at 19, which changed his life forever. He got caught up in the street life and started hustling and selling drugs off the streets. After losing his father, he knew he wanted more out of life, so he continued pursuing his music and acting careers more positively.

Cardea went back to performing on stage, opening up for major artists at concerts like the Power106 Christmas Jam at MVA studios, etc. Cardea started attending networking events and working with many different talents. As an actor, he's appeared on various television shows, including the sitcom "In the Cut" produced and directed by Bentley Evans. Cardea's most recent collaboration is his "Flight" song featuring rapper Jadakiss.

Currently, Cardea continues pursuing his acting and music career, so be on the lookout for this talented young man.