Getting To Know Arab Matt

Appearing on our page for the first time, the Tampa bay artist Arab Matt showcases an upbeat track titled “Misunderstood“ where he talks about doing drugs to cope with his emotions, making money to stay out the way and the lifestyle of a jackboy. His vocals fills the trap instrumental, showing off more of his vocal range than he has unveiled yet while also further establishing his abilities as a writer to both make music that is simultaneously catchy and empathetic, a balance many artists spend their entire careers trying to perfect. The artist is definity one to be on the look out for this year, especially being the first generation in his family from Lebanon. When we spoke with him, we ask what and who is his inspiration, he said Future, Gucci Mane, musically and his father, who died when he was 15 years old. He also mention he turned all that pain into motivation. Based off what he told us, Arab Matt has a bright future. His goals is to follow himself, his dreams, passion and live to the fullest knowing life is too short. Definitely a quote that hit me when he said it, Arab Matt is definitely an artist I will continue to watch and research when he drops more music. In the mean time, go stream “Misunderstood”!