Taking The Music World by Storm with Oregon Songwriter NORD

Ghostwriters are the bright, creative, and objective talents behind some of the most popular songs, which grace billions of ears around the world every day. With songwriting credits for three RIAA Platinum Certified songs and six RIAA Gold Certified songs, Carter Davis is a self-taught musician from Portland, Oregon. Notable under the public figure name NORD, this recent high school graduate has been pursuing a career in the composition of rap, R&B, and Pop music to an unmatched level of completely independent success. You’ve heard this Oregon rapper, songwriter, and skilled musical composer’s lyrics in songs by the likes of Billboard chart frequenters Drake, 21 Savage, Ice Spice, Addison Rae, and Rebecca Black.

NORD’s advanced level of lyricism as an industry-celebrated songwriter often relates to the topics of heartbreak, fashion, and party lifestyle sonorities. These topics are perfectly fitting to the themes of which the latest hit songs from the past decade commonly share, which makes Carter’s craft a refreshingly unique sonic flavor while still maintaining inclusion of a tried-and-true writing style. An additional key factor of the Oregon rapper and artist’s creative pen-to-paper process is the relatability to the intended audience; which can be measured by how many people are listening to the music he creates. With over one-billion unique listens across NORD’s original and collaborative discography, music enjoyers of all backgrounds are finding a piece of themselves in the audible art in which Carter is conceptualizing.