SHVDW releases "Patron" Listen Now!

Richmond California Native SHVDW WOODSN, is a versatile & unique artist- bringing an interesting perspective on life, women, & success. While SHVDW has a catalog of modern hip hop tracks the majority of his self produced and self engineered music is mainly RNB driven. Being influenced by artist such as R.Kelly, Blial, 112, Sean Paul & T-Pain, SHVDW delivers an untimely sound that incorporates all of the skill sets of artists he’s deemed as influential.

The style SHVDW displays is catchy, melodic & emotionally captivating. Starting his journey as an artist at the age of 7 years old, writing poems and raps about his dreams. Grandson to the infamous Bay Area guitarist & songwriter “Ralph Woodson” SHVDW quickly developed an ear for music by observing his grandfather in his early childhood years.

Formerly known as a rapper by the name “LuckyTheLegacy” & as a producer by the name “Elijv Luccivno” - SHVDW has reinvented himself as an artist, intending not to be controlled by the rage he’s learned from his traumas & harsh upbringing in his hometown.

Keep up with SHVDW on all social media outlets @Shvdwwoodsn