Blackeye Entertainment Films owner Antonio Simmons has vowed to make Philadelphia and its surrounding tri-state area one of the world leaders in premium film production.

Philadelphia native Antonio Simmons debuts his company Blackeye Entertainment Films. Blackeye Entertainment Films is a full-scale film & production company, with capabilities expanding the traditional measures of film and production. Offering commercial, print, special effects, and cutting-edge technology. Blackeye Entertainment Films surpasses the industry competition and sets a precedent for how traditional film & production should be materialized. Armed with a resume for a fierce creative synergy. 

Antonio ensures that Blackeye Entertainment Films is associated with cutting edge productions and colorful ideologies that will allow it to sustain the film industry for decades to come.

Blackeye Entertainment Films debuts with their feature film titled “Doggmen” starring the return of Earl “DMX” Simmons to the big screen, due to his demise this will be his last film ever produced by anyone. Doggmen also has a host of leading and supporting well-known actors and actresses. This action-packed thriller will deliver nothing short of an amazing story line, diverse characters and an engaging orchestration of unfolding drama and action. Equipped with passion, creativity, and a desire for the win. Antonio will ensure that Blackeye Entertainment Films quickly becomes one of the top film companies for international and domestic film and production.

  Blackeye Entertainment

 Films motto “It’s not

 about who you’s about who

 KNOWS YOU– Antonio