Get To Know Azariyah

Azariyah J. McLean is a music artist from Ackworth, G. She sings and has many other talents that make her unique. She has been singing her entire life. Azariyah was raised in a musical family with two amazing singers for parents. One of her greatest accomplishments was never giving up on her dreams. Azariyah has said it can feel impossible to do what you love in this world but having pride in herself never stopped her. COVID has had an impact on her as an independent artist but she was able to stay consistent by working hard and investing in herself. All the money she makes she invest in herself and this shows she has a boss and entrepreneurial mindset.When COVID slowed her income down, she had to work with what she had. Although she is stil recovering from that delay she has overcame many obstacles and hurdles and is thriving strong today. Her next move is to release more music from the vault and promote it when time is right. In an interview with she was asked if she was working on any projects and her response was “As of right now, I am cultivating an EP to represent the chapter of my life I have just left. The project’s single reads ‘a piece of my heart’ because it is exactly that, a fraction of my heart to give others a chance to get to know me.” She stays working and has build a solid fanbase from working hard over the years. In one year she sees herself performing new singles along with her new projects. She will be more driven and creative and express her artistic side more through music, art, and her new clothing brand coming soon. She also love fashion, dancing, and writing poetry.