Bandit The Rapper releases 80’s inspired album “Lavender Sunset”

"Wine glass filled up to the brim with no ice;” not only is this an introduction to a good time, but that is Bandit The Rapper’s introduction to his latest project "Lavendar Sunset.” This electronic/pop album is home to his hit single, “Faded Memories,” which charted on iTunes/Billboard. Mostly staying behind the scenes, Bandit The Rapper has finally taken the time to give us an album of his very own.

“Lavender Sunset”  is Inspired by music of the 80's. It is a recipe that includes synthwave, liquor, imagination, unbridled creativity; and of course the main ingredient, Bandit the Rapper. His influence takes you on an exciting journey through nostalgia, with a hint of modern flavor. He gives you a taste of night life with songs like “Under the Influence,” and “Friday Night Fever feat. Dom Dukes.” He reminds you of being a hopeless romantic with “Never Felt feat. Albino Redz,” and “Beautiful Strangers.” He touches on sensuality with, “Drive Me Crazy.” Make no mistake, relationships are not always nostalgic. Sometimes we have vengeful side made clear with “No Apologies.” And finally the last stop, which includes Latin flavor, “Faded Memories feat. Aksel.”

To listen to this album means to sit back, relax, and sip on a sweet drink. It means to fill your hookah with the sweetest flavor, and be present in the moment. You will be escorted through blue skies and sunshine; until you arrive at your “Lavender Sunset.”