Aye Kay: A Superstar in the making

With the purpose of creating and inspiring others to make music; upcoming artist Aye Kay, born in Puerto Rico November 23rd 1999 is bringing his unique and self made sounds and art to you all. From the lyrics, to sounds and cover art Aye Kay is always working on perfecting every aspect of his craft authentically. Wether many or few listen to his music; he has fallen in love with this and coming from a very solitaire, antisocial life this is the way Aye Kay prefers in communicating with the world now for a little over four years! Being heavily influenced by late artist Juice WRLD’s music he came to love music even more, giving him a push in the direction of creating his own. 

Aye Kay believes that he’s been improving a lot and the latest EP out on all platforms is something a lot of people will love listening to and feels this is his peak of production and writing. This new artist is hoping to inspire others like him; lost in life, low egos, and heavy insecurities that are afraid of opinions . He wants to help anyone like that out of their holes and into healthy and proactive mindset. Even if it takes years, Aye Kay will always have this. Music is something he does not plan to ever give up given that it is his true passion that he simply enjoys, loves, and plans too perfect. Theres a lot of high hopes despite the infinite odds for Aye Kay!