Breaking Barriers: A Movement, A Brand

In this world you will ultimately have two choices. You can either show the gifts you have been given, or you can keep them to yourself until the day you leave this earth. If you have a gift and no obstacles in your way, the level of success you achieve is up to you, whom you know and the amount of money you have. But what happens when your whole life is filled with obstacle after obstacle while you are trying to achieve your goal? Keep reading to hear how one music executive is quickly taking the industry by storm.

At first glance, Cassandra Saunders looks like a disabled woman who has an immense love of music and for some, it’s hard to imagine she has the goals she has. To that we say, spend 20 minutes with her and she will change your mind.

Saunders has been in the industry professionally for 20 years. In that time, she has worked with high profile producers as a songwriter and dabbled in management. Through the years she has had to master the art of initiating conversations, as well as navigate a few adverse reactions because of her disability. But that all changed when, in 2018, through a then mutual connection, she met a man who would completely change her professional life.

Michael “Mike Boss” Mitchell was initially brought in to assist Saunders in getting the appropriate promotion for an artist, but ultimately became her mentor after learning that her goal was to have an independent label. Having relationships with all the major distributors, Boss was able to secure Saunders her first deal with in six weeks of their initial conversation.

Saunders had previously had marketing experience from previous endeavors, but there were a few things she still needed to learn about running and maintaining a successful label. So, her next task was convincing Boss that he should hire her to do marketing and promotion at his then newly minted label, Rich Nation Entertainment. On April 18, 2019, she began work at the label, as well as co-sponsoring an event with him as her own label, Broken Silence Music Group.