Lady Marga MC Teams Up With her Cousin Doris Of Five Star And Felix of Basement Jaxx For Huge New Single!

On August 26th, Lady Marga MC released her new single, 'Never Can Give You Up System Addict Janski Mix', featuring her cousin Doris of Five Star and Felix of Basement Jaxx.It immediately raises the endorphins to new heights!

Lady Marga MC, who hails from East London, brings Five Star's top three hit UK tune, 'System Addict', back to the forefront with a reimagining that will have you itching to hit replay once it concludes. Lady Marga MC fuses pop and dance to create an encounter unlike any other in the scene today, and a hair-raising remix tops it off by highly lauded producer Janski. Featuring Doris Pearson, an original member of Five Star, and Felix Buxton, winner of a Brit Award and member of the iconic combo Basement Jaxx, this single Also, intuitively, Marga adds her own one-of-a-kind elements to the mix while remaining faithful to the original. As a result, she brings a relevant feeling for today while gratifying people who relish the first version, which first took the scene by storm in 1985. 'Never Can Give You Up System Addict Janski Mix' is bursting with vitality and contains an infectious cadence, with the beat leaving an impression. 

Also, in conjunction with the compelling mix and foot-tapping groove, the vocals provided by Lady Marga MC bring a fresh vibe which is challenging to resist!

Never Can Give You Up System Addict Janski Mix'. Reached number 49 in the USA iTunes pop chart first day of release it has been heavily supported and played on mainstream global radio stations such as BBC radio London,BBC radio 2,BBC 1xtra,BBC Hereford & Worcester,

It is out now on all major platforms and the other mixes our produced by Idle Mindz,LA Rush which will be due for release soon as well.