OTR x 2k x 33 is buzzing after being seen opening up for Skooly live in Atlanta, Ga

OTR x 2k x 33 is buzzing after being seen opening  up for Skooly in Atlanta, Ga. The Label is a variety in style sound and image, making this one or the most anticipated groups to break through in 2023. One of the most memorable songs performed was “ABC” by: LuckGangKibias Ft. OTR Big 4, OTR Biggs, & OTR CHUCKY.

They gave a high-energy performance with a lot of fan love in the room. 

The video was premiered on Progress Reports video of the day in November. Click the link below to view. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClFKjyXAuLE/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

Since then the music was pulled downed to be released under Baddazz Music Syndicate so this song is not currently out. However, the clever word play is used to narrate street expression in a classroom setting and has set high expectations on the rerelease in January. Critics are saying this song could be the “Back in Blood” of 2023. 

In addition to ABC, the label performed many other records that had the entire room wondering who are these guys. Songs such as:

“Set A Trend” by OTR big 4 ft. Foozie 2k Babyy, 

Chris 2k, OTR CHUCKY, & OTR Biggz. 

The song was recently released on all digital platforms and can be seen on YouTube by clicking the link below:


Water by: LuckGangKibias and Cena flow by: 

OTR Big 4, both had the crowd wondering where can I find these artist to keep up. 

They are currently being managed by Make Me Over Management’s Rocki Patrice also known in Atlanta as Rocki the host.

For all inquiries please adhere to contact info below. 

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