Inspirational Country/AC Artist John Michael Ferrari: His Story & Relatable New Single

John Michael Ferrari is the epitome of overcoming difficulty, loss and tragedy and inspiring others. He found his passion in creating music that speaks of the chaos and beauty surrounding the plethora of experiences life has to offer. 

Through his troublesome childhood as an “incorrigible” orphan, he discovered music and poetry as a means to come to terms with the hardships life had thrown his way. After being sent to the Nevada State Children’s Home at age 15, he picked up his first guitar shortly before enlisting in the US Army and serving in the Vietnam War. While he was serving abroad, he penned his first song “Dustoff,” a military tribute to the personnel who evacuate wounded soldiers from combat zones. Since then, he has won several awards as an artist and songwriter, including the “Peace Song of the Year” for his track “Like a Rock and Roll Band” in 2020 by the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars and Art 4 Peace. 

His newest song, “My Heart Can’t Breathe,” also represents his inexplicable ability to create relatable music. This newest single, produced by Pepper Jay and recorded at the Larry Beaird Music Group studio in Nashville, showcases the healing process and overcoming grief after a loss or breakup. Replaying memories and becoming triggered by old photographs are all part of the process; and John Michael Ferrari, also being a notable music arranger and composer, translates these lyrics into a catchy song that translates to thousands. 

Watch the official music video for “My Heart Can’t Breathe” now! 

The song is available now on all streaming platforms. Check out “My Heart Can’t Breathe” and more on John Michael Ferrari at, on Facebook @JohnMichaelFerrariSongwriter, Twitter @JohnnyFerrari and Instagram @JohnMichaelFerrari.