Bridanya, The Artist You Will Know In 2023

Bridanya has put out music in the recent past. Her most recent single from 2020 “You’ll always be the hottest” really gives you insight of her as a singer-songwriter. She has such amazing vocals that surpass all expectations you would think an Indi artist would be capable of. So soulful but yet with a bounce of fun and energy.

Bridanya gave us her first release in 2018 with her record “Follow your yen”. She then followed up with four more releases right after that. We are super excited for the next single she told us she is releasing this year. Without given too much intel we have insight that there will be some big names on this project as well.

After our interview with Bridanya she said, “Never let go of your dreams! Don't die with regrets! In the words of a famous movie called Legend of the Guardians: “My dreams are what make me strong”. Such a humble beautiful soul.

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